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Why Polaris is backing

January 30, 2006


I recently made an investment in, one of the leading broadband video sites. Why did we invest?

Although pure “content” deals like this are a little atypical in the VC world, my partners and I found Heavy to be a pretty compelling investment opportunity.

Clearly, there is a ton of demand right now for good broadband video content. It is no mystery that broadband video sites are starting to get funded, not to mention mainstream media companies ramping up their broadband video efforts.  As more and more broadband video pours onto the web, it will become a lot harder for young companies to rise above the noise. We think is uniquely positioned to grow and succeed even when this supply/demand imbalance evens out (which it will).

As we evaluated the opportunity, what really stood out for us was the Heavy team’s unusual ability to consistently create content that not only was highly appealing to their audience, but was equally appealing to the advertising community that tries to reach that audience. Heavy’s appeal to its audience is clear enough and seen in the size (over 10 M unique visitors/month), growth and behavior of its viewer base.  The team’s creative genius was readily apparent and pretty well supported by their track record.

But, what we found really special about Heavy was that their creative genius speaks equally strongly to advertisers.  As we got to know the company (duirng which we spoke to about a dozen advertisers and/or agencies), we were struck by how consistenly we heard the same thing. To advertisers, Heavy has a very distinct personality and brand (“cool” “hip” “cutting edge” were what we often heard) within the 15-35 male demographic, and the advertisers felt very strongly that their own brands benefited by being associated with the Heavy brand. This was in part because of the strength of Heavy’s brand, but also in part because Heavy helped its advertisers create and integrate advertising content so that the advertising itself was part of the overall entertainment experience at the Heavy site. 

The result is a site which is succeeding both in establishing and growing a committed, habitual audience, and in creating a highly profitable business model.  So, with some growth capital to support expansion, a few key hires, and a little luck (yes, luck is part of it), we think Heavy is in a great spot to grow into a substantial and important business — the broadband media network of the future.


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  1. January 30, 2006

    Simon is a brilliant guy…. very smart investment. Would love to have AOL involved in some way!

  2. jon #
    January 30, 2006

    I’m in’s target demo but have never stayed at the site for more than 30 seconds. Everytime I end up there (usually because of clicking on something at the super heavy Flash interface drives me nuts. I love Flash for video, like on, but for a site’s main interface it just screams 1999.

  3. BK #
    January 30, 2006

    I love Heavys Radio but there are no links to buy, waz up with that.

  4. January 31, 2006

    To be honest, I can’t stand’s flash interface. Having to wait 60 seconds to go through ads, and load a video, and have the interface loads, really turns me off.

    I just want to watch the videos!

    But a great investment indeed, hope it turns out well for you.

  5. john #
    January 31, 2006

    yea its a good site but tell them to redo the damn flash interface, absolutely vile and feels, ironically, extremely heavy/clunky

  6. Eric #
    January 31, 2006

    I actually put a call into recently, and while the person i spoke with was certainly nice enough to deal with, he just didn’t seem to fully understand the value of the opportunity I was presenting him. They are still stuck in the CPM world and have not yet realized that they could make a lot more money by running CPA offers targeted at the demographic that the advertisers and agencies you spoke with find so valuable.

  7. duffy #
    January 31, 2006

    Heavy is an internet legend… and looks to have a rebirth. Glad to see one of the original Silicon Alley firms flourishing.

  8. specialk #
    February 2, 2006

    keep an eye on….ask simon:-)

  9. February 3, 2006

    Checked Heavy page views on Alexa… 10M page views???? You can’t be serious…

  10. February 3, 2006

    I meant “Heavy’s appeal to its audience is clear enough and seen in the size (over 10 M unique visitors/month), growth and behavior of its viewer base.”
    Please check that statement on Doesn’t add up to 10M uniques…

  11. February 3, 2006

    Ixter – Heavy’s site actully is tagged and audited by Nielsen which is where they get the 10 million uniques per month. if you were not already aware, you should know that Alexa data is VERY unreliable, which is why we always rely on more valuable sources like Nielsen.

    Alexa’s sample pool is based on whoever downloads, or is tricked into downloading it’s toolbar. The toolbar’s largest user base is asia and oddly enough, asian americans. You cannot derive a market share for the entire market if your sample pool doesn’t reflect actual demographic usage. If I had a sample pool of 1000 left handed people and were looking for data on the percentage of left handed people versus right handed people, it would be obvious that my sample pool would skew towards a higher percentage of left handed people. That’s my simple example, it’s obviously more nuanced than that, but you get the idea.

    The other funny thing about Alexa is that it’s hard to derive a unique monthly number from the data. ALexa shows you “per day” snapshots of traffic. The frequency is not known. So let’s say you’re a site with 1 million uniques per day and that audience comes back everyday. At the end of the month you’re uniques are not 30 million, they are 1 million. If on the other hand you have 4 million people that visit you weekly, you would have 4 million uniques for the month and would show less traffic per day. That means Alexa would show you having less traffic than the site with 1 million uniques.

    If you’re interested in analytic tools that show american market share more reliably, I would suggest Hitwise. It’s sample data is directly from the largest ISP’s and does not come from a downloadable toolbar/adware. It’s not free, but you get what you pay for, better data.

    Heavy, for reasons not known to us, has recently plunged in the Alexa ratings. Perhaps they’ve seen a recent dip in asian traffic, or some IT guy pulled the toolbar from employees’ computers. They have no idea. And that’s the point. It’s unreliable. Their Nielsen numbers have not changed, and their internal system shows no cliff dive. They’ve been growing from week to week, month to month.

  12. scruffpot #
    February 22, 2006

    why keep an eye on I love that site, it is the best. i wish that they would update content sometimes a bit more regualy though, but still the best in teh world

  13. March 15, 2006

    How does handle the emormus amount of data is has? Not many products on the market can provide through put enough for streaming video?

    Does anyone have a contact there?

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  15. mark may #
    December 15, 2006

    vcmike – in your response post you recommend hitwise, and say its “sample data is directly from the largest ISP’s”. the last time i looked into it, which was admittedly two yrs ago, they were heavily skewed to tier 2 and 3 dial-up ISPs, as the largest dial-up ISPs and the major broadband ISPs were not willing to allow Hitwise to piggyback on thier networks. unless this has changed, I’d view the data as less reliable – particularly as compared to comScore and NetRatings. Moreover, Hitwise only gives relative/market share rankings, not absoulte uniques, pageviews, etc. (I belive).

  16. mark may #
    December 15, 2006

    i love the heavy investment, despite the comments on flash interface. they reall understand their target audience and play well to advertisers. i’ve been impressed with polaris’ investments in online targeted media — techtarget, choicemedia, etc. nice job, again…

  17. January 3, 2007

    unfortunately, heavy is turning out just to be another rip-off site:

    easy come, easy go

  18. January 12, 2007

    Hey guys, this message board software this website runs on, is it something i can buy for my own website or is it propriatary?

  19. January 16, 2007

    And they are also into SPAMMING forums with their promotions.

  20. February 3, 2007

    Spam really sucks( delete it

  21. Ramira #
    February 6, 2007

    I’m excited about the wii contest actually

  22. #
    February 16, 2009

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  23. tariely #
    January 2, 2010

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  24. FranMam #
    November 9, 2010

    So how did that investment pay off for you?


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