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Digital Hollywood

April 2, 2006


Spent my now customary couple of days out at Digital Hollywood last week.

Nothing personal to the Digital Hollywood organization, but as usual the most productive and interesting time was in the hallways, at the restaurants, etc., catching up with folks who were also there. If you actually want a pretty good overall review of the Conference, check out paidcontent.

Saw a few pretty interesting companies which I plan to followup with. We won't mention any names to protect the innocent.

Highlight was dinner Tuesday night at Valentino, which included a bunch of folks from within my portfolio companies, including Black Arrow, and World Championship Sports Network, the guys from Snap TV, Bigger Boat and Burn Room, David Goldberg, Sean Ryan, Brian Stengel, Dan Donahue and a few of my Polaris colleagues.

Unfortunately I had to cut my trip short when I got the dreaded call from my wife, who was on her way the emergency room with our 10 year old. We had quite a scare but I think everything is back under control now.


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