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Just Another Day in New York

April 19, 2006


Taking the train back up to Boston after a spectacularly beautiful day with my wife (look ma, no kids!) in New York City.

Other than a deep strategy session last night with a portfolio company (read: late night drinks on the rooftop deck) and one quick meeting in the morning with a pretty darn interesting startup (yep, you guessed it —  an online video startup!) it was all play for the remainder of the day today.

Just for fun we stopped by the Peninsula Hotel restaurant at mid-day and, as I suspected, saw my friend and advisor Scott Kurnit holding court.

We managed to pull the rip off with only one brief shopping stop — Modell's on 42d Street. My wife, still angry with Red Sox brass for trading Johnny Damon (she had a crush on him), bought herself and each of the kids a Johnny Damon Yankees jersey. Heresy for a die hard Red Sox family! We'll see who she brainwashes into putting a Yankees jersey on.

I picked up a pair of Celtics-green Chuck Taylor hi-tops. They'll go over big back in Boston…

Unplugging now to turn back to my book, Ghost Soldiers.


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  1. tariely #
    January 2, 2010

    Классные мультфильмы бесплатно на Кинозоуне.

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