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MySpace and Social Network Advertising

May 19, 2006


MediaPost has an interesting interview with MySpace's senior ad sales exec on how they are seeking to sell advertising. It is a quick, worthwhile read. 


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  1. Ben #
    June 11, 2006

    I spent alot of time studying this over the past couple of years. I learned the hard way that in some businesses where networks matters: growth, usage, value is the right equation. (Yes Reid from LinkedIn taught me this. has ALWAYS had more value. It still does with more data on people than you can find anywhere else including on the author of this blog.)

    It is pretty well known that Plaxo is engineered to be viral. When I look at viral I look at three basic elements that drive growth.

    The percentage of new users who do something that causes another user to be invited, the average number of users that each user causes to be invited, and the acceptance rate of those invites.

    Now for you math geniuses, it is alot more complicted than that but I try to keep things simple. Plaxo had every actual user generated invite invents and on average alot of invite invents and doing so immediately after signing up…..that grows a network fast..

    Now I used Plaxo as an example on purpose becuase alot of people don’t like it…but the fact it, it is viral. Not alot of positive vibe about it but it is viral.

    LinkedIn is also viral. Now for at least a year if not 2 after it was formed people questioned the value. But now with a network of 5 and heading to 10M professional online, it is delivering value. It is also beginning to add alot of the value delivery features that Spoke did 3 years ago on top of a big network. And yes if you look at the new Spoke you will see that Spoke is adjusting to this reality of growth now that its sales model has been perfected for its marketing and sales solutions.

    So of course you have to have a great product and deliver value, it is a matter of timing and focus. You also have to start with a system that is engineered to grow if you if you need a network to provide value. This can be as simple as a “invite your friends” button, but real growth has to come from the user getting more value from having others signed up and knowing it.

    We review numbers every morning at on this growth because in the end, we know someone needs to bring 10M small businesses online if the local consumer search experience is going to change. We are going to do that…Every Local Merchant needs to be online.

    Not just because The Yellow Pages is akin to the Mafia and protection racket. It needs to happen because every local consumer deserves to find something other than Walmart when they do a local search

  2. November 26, 2006

    the best exapmple of Viral Advertising is what Hotmail did. at The bottom of each email it told recipents that they could also get a fee email address.

    In Advertising Viral is definetly the way to go. Seth Godin writes about this in his book “Purple Cow”

    Jeffrey A. Solochek

  3. jondo #
    January 2, 2010

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