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The Video Sharing Shakeout

June 20, 2006


Om Malik predicts a dramatic shakeout amongst the online video sharing sites, with many casualties. I have to agree.

Clearly, I think opportunities still exist for unique and/or well branded video on the web. But, watching the VC funding pouring into the user-generated/video sharing market, I can't help but be reminded of 1999…


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  1. June 20, 2006

    The opportunities for online video are just getting started. But it will shift from the community generated sophomoric lark we see now to trusted, high quality, informative content that’s useful for just-in-time knowledge. It will satisfy the long tail of expertise that the traditional broadcast community cannot satisfy because of their cost burden and limited channels.

    The one problem to this shift is that it is not conducive to hyper-scalability which is the carrot that Web 2.0 dangles. Mike is right. We saw it in 1999 and we’ll see it again. But online video will continue to grow as a key element of the overall “immersive” media that convergence will bring.

  2. Greg Arnold #
    June 20, 2006

    You and Om are correct about the shakeout on video sharing. The good news is that video is now commonly accepted as one of the things flowing around the Internet.

    I think it will evolve into video messaging which will be the catalyst for bringing together communities. Video messaging provides a level of personaization while maintaining accuracy. Any one-to-many message can take advantage of this. Then, the user generated video content becomes relevent and more useful for sharing within social villages.

    As Jeff Jarvis has accurately stated on his BLOG “conversation is the kingdom”. When people start using video as a form of enriched messaging, the video investments that leverage compelling relevent discussions/topics will pay off.

  3. mustafa2 #
    January 2, 2010

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