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Another Crazy Week!

June 30, 2006


It has been a pretty frenetic year so far, but I think this week may have topped them all.

On Monday World Championship Sports Network was in town updating my partners on what they are up to. That went great, but the real entertainment was the tennis battle that followed. I’m not sure who are more competitive, jock-wannabe VCs, or former jock enterpreneurs (including one who played on the pro tennis tour). Needless to say, there was plenty of smack talking, machismo and sweat involved.

Was down to NYC Tuesday, meeting with a company (in the local advertising/mobile space, very interesting), meeting a few candidates for various portfolio companies, then joining Claude and Carlos from WCSN for dinner (I put a good face on the fact that we had sushi, which I generally avoid) to try to recruit a candidate for a senior executive position. Negotiating a term sheet during cab rides and in between courses of dinner. I think we made some good headway with the candidate (not so much headway on the term sheet!), but dinner went late enough that I blasted right through my plans to have a drink with Sphere CEO Tony Conrad and to make it to Rafat’s ContentNext mixer. Sorry to have missed both!

Wednesday was truly insane. Early morning breakfast with co-founder/CEO Simon Assaad, a 9 am meeting with the founders of a new venture I’ve been chatting with for the past 6 months, and then a meeting with WCSN and some strategic partners trying to put together the outline of a very exciting partnership, all the while still negotiating a term sheet, and, lest I forget, madly signing and faxing documents to close the P&S on the sale of our home. I was supposed to fly from NYC to Cincinnati to meet a Seattle based company that happened to be in Cincinnati for a couple days, but Delta cancelled my flight so I just went back to Boston.  The good news was that I made it home in time to see the kids; the bad news was that I got home just late enough to miss Pedro pitching against the Sox (and I actually had tickets…).

Thursday I was, at least in theory, taking the day off, to close on the purchase of our new house, and move, all of which we did. But, since Delta had cancelled my flight to Cincinnati to meet the guys from Seattle, Thursday afternoon I had to head to the airport to take an evening flight to Seattle, where I am now. Spent all morning with a very, very cool company in the mobile sector — the trip was worth it — and now am heading back to Boston, for what I hope will be a relaxing (??) weekend with the family unpacking, getting settled into the new house, and watching fireworks.

As I told Matt Marshall last week, the silver lining of so much cross-country travel is that it gives me a chance to blog…


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