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July 29, 2006


Just wrapping up a hectic but really fun week:

NYC Monday, Boston Tuesday, San Fran Wednesday-Thursday, LA Friday and Friday night (spent with my brother for his birthday), LAX NOW and for the next 5 hours (yes, flight delay courtesy of United) then at long last home tonight.

Sitting here looking back on my week, what stands out is how much time I spent working on something BLOG related.

The week started with Matt and Toni from Automattic coming out and updating my partnership.  Everyone was excited by the pretty incredible progress the guys have made since we initially invested not that long ago.  As always, Matt and Bob Metcalfe had fun together (Matt gave Bob a blogging tutorial).

We also had an Automattic board meeting Wednesday — more talk about BLOGS.  It is becoming clear that the first generation of blogs hosted by (which was only launched in December) are starting to hit a maturity level resulting in a substantial readership, lots of inbound links, and very good search performance.  The result is that the overall audience for and the blogs across its network is growing dramatically. Cool!

I also met with four different new companies over the course of the week.  It certainly wasn’t by design, but looking back on it I now realize that each of these companies is, in one way or another, a blog-related opportunity.

Finally, I wrapped up the week at the Santa Monica offices of World Championship Sports Network. The WCSN gang is getting ready for our live broadcast of the US Swimming Nationals.  As part of our outreach effort the guys are putting the word out on — you guessed it — the most important swimming blogs, some of which have pretty serious audiences.

My overall observation here is that blogging is in the early stages of transitioning from what was generally amateur personal interest blogging with little quality content (there were of course exceptions but in the grand scheme of things not that many) to what is now a more broadly embraced vehicle for creating and disseminating genuinely meaningful and valuable content.

We are still in the very early stages here, but my sense is that blogging is on its way to becoming an important and effective way to either enhance or in some instances to build substantial online properties.

Should be fun to watch this unfold…

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