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Recharged, Replugged, and In Training!

August 29, 2006


My vacation started out on the wrong note — a flurry of calls on Monday to deal with a mini-crisis, comically standing atop a large boulder which turned out to be the one place on the island that got cell coverage.  But, with the exception of two short conference calls with a portfolio company trying to get a term sheet completed with a major strategic partner, the remainder of my week on a small island in a big lake was uninterrupted.

And boy was that great! A couple great books (Terrorist by John Updike and Saturday by Ian McEwan, reviews forthcoming on my new bookblog), some great Maine meals, early morning swims in the lake followed by coffee in front of the fire, a few great doubles matches, some relatively lame waterskiing, and, most of all, a bunch of time lazing around with the family doing not much of anything.

Now I know what they mean by “recharging your batteries.”

Perhaps the most telling summary was that of my ten-year old’s friend Jonathan, who, when I went to his house to pick up my son, took a look at me, paused, and then says: “boy, you sure look relaxed…”

Now it is back to reality.  But not without my 9-months late New Years’ Resolution: to get my sorry you-know-what back into shape! I am not going to embarass myself here, but suffice it to say that I am now a frightening 25 pounds overweight, a pathetically far cry from my playing days. It has gotten so bad that my wife now calls me “Shamu” (as in Shamu the whale).

So, with the “support” of WCSN CEO Claude Ruibal, I am signing up for a mini-triathlon in December. Coach Ruibal is in charge of my training, and will do the race with me. It is December 9 in Arizona, not to far from Phoenix, for any of you who want to join us.

Now, it is back to work…


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  1. Kent #
    August 31, 2006

    Congratulations on signing-up for the mini-tri. I did my first race a few years back – despite friends / family reminding me that I couldn’t run or swim. The race went well. But it was the training that changed my life.

  2. Sergei #
    January 2, 2010

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