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Is Online Ad Boom Slowing?

September 20, 2006


Yesterday Yahoo! reported disappointing online ad sales results.

Is this an indication of a sector slowdown or a Yahoo! specific issue?

Gigaom takes this poll. He reports that 15% of respondents think the party is over while 43% think this is a Yahoo! specific problem.

(I voted that this is Yahoo! specific. And I sure hope I am right!).

ZDNet blogger Ryan Stewart agrees this reflects Yahoo’s poor execution and not a sector slowdown.


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  1. September 21, 2006

    Mike, I agree. I think this is a Yahoo specific issue. From everything that we have seen and hearing, it is the exact opposite. Marketers definitely are looking for integration packages into TV and online, and sometimes even mobile. What we are seeing is that marketers are desperately looking for ways to drive viral marketing and are willing to pay for it. We ran the Monk-E-Mail campaign for Careerbuilder and the Wall Street Journal reported that they received a 100 to 1 ROI benefit with their online viral marketing campaign compared to their TV spot runs. Online advertising is there and ripe, but they want to see unique ad units, deeper integration and far better data on relevancy and context. Yahoo’s announcement was not surprising considering that their majority inventory of ad units are still commodity buttons, banners and clicks. The guys at Heavy are a better representation of what the Marketers are actually looking for. Creative units, wholly-owned content and sophisticated traffic.

  2. September 23, 2006

    Online Networking is next!

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