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Back from Offsite

October 16, 2006


Last week was time for our annual rite — the partners’ offsite.

We spent most of the time planning, reviewing and strategizing. The most consistent theme was “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” So don’t expect any major new strategic announcements here, though we have a couple ideas on new investment frontiers (primarily in the biotech and energy fields).

We did, though, manage to find a little time for fun, otherwise known as “partner bonding.”

The highlight here was a visit to a new member of the Polaris portfolio — Athlete’s Performance. AP, as we call it, provides high end training to elite athletes (the likes of Curt Schilling, Mia Hamm, the LA Dodgers, etc…).

The trainers at AP put my partners and I through a battery of tests to see what kind of shape we are in.

As you might guess, the answer was pretty lousy.

Particularly humiliating for yours truly was my shameful body fat results (even Bob Metcalfe was ahead of me here, though if you ask me his crazy diet over the past 6 months was unfair competition).

On the positive front, though, I did manage to win the 40 yd dash, which at least provided a little healing for my otherwise badly bruised ego.

OK, now it is back to work…

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