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Note to self: rent side rooms, don’t sponsor

November 12, 2006


My friend Josh Kopelman and his fund First Round Capital got the savvy sponsor award at Web 2.0.

Polaris, along with a couple other funds, sponsored the “Launchpad” at Web 2.0. I am glad we did. The panel of Launchpad advisor-judges was a great group, we saw some interesting companies, and we had a fun lunch just before the event kicked off.

I actually had asked Josh if he had any interest in being a sponsor along with us.  He declined.

In the end, Josh had a far more clever idea. Instead of paying the pretty penny required to be a sponsor, Josh simply rented one of the rooms right off the main hallway at the Conference, which ended up being one of the prime hang-out / meetup spots.  One of his companies, Mashery, even launched in this room, “at” the conference, even though they weren’t even attending the conference.



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