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Google Removes Tips

January 5, 2007


Last week I noted a bunch of bloggers, including Firefox founder Blake Ross, grumbling about the new Google “tips” feature.  Under the guise of giving Google searchers useful recommendations, Google was not so subtlely giving a very prominent link to its own services (Calendar, mail, Blogger, etc…) right above the natural search results. As an investor in the company behind, I did a little grumbling myself.

To its credit, Google heard the criticism and has removed its “tips” feature.



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  1. Jonathan Marcus #
    January 5, 2007

    I think the blogosphere’s negative reaction was rediculous. The Tips arent any different than a contextual text add, and Google should retain every right to serve its own house ad (another rediculous issue that seems to disturb the blogosphere). The visual treatment is tasteful and unobstructive. The Tips also arent anything different conceptually than the links that Google has on its homepage for Images, Video, News, etc – and those links definitively advantage Google properties; Froogle gained > 2 million uniques overnight when the Froogle link was posted.

    Im far more concerned with the gross overuse of Ad Sense by almost every company on the Internet – including the entire blogosphere. The ads never have any relevance and they severely impact site readability; text ads are ruining the usability of the internet. There is nothing helpful about having “HEY HEY HEY NOW COME BUY A COMPUTER TODAY” pasted everywhere on the Internet.

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