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Congrats on the Wedding, Mom

January 7, 2007


My Mom, who was widowed five years ago after being married to my dad for nearly 45 years, is 77.

Last night she got married.

I have to say attending your 77 year old mother’s wedding is a bit surreal.  You never really expect to watch your kids’ grandma walk down the aisle.  The “til death do us part” was an uncomfortably real projection. The bride and groom kiss was, well weird. And seeing my dad’s best friends certainly made all of  us think how much we missed him.

But intermixed with the weirdness, and the sadness, was alot of joy.  Here were two people who had lost the love of their life, but absolutely had  not their love for life, and were lucky enough to find someone else with whom they could share both the loss and the remaining good times.  All of us there shared such a sense of joy that these two each had found someone who made them happy, and that they wouldn’t be alone.  It was a very special celebration.

As my oldest brother said in his toasts, he sent the newlyweds off on their honeymoon with same admonition he recently gave his teenager: have fun, don’t drink and drive, use prescription drugs only, and practice safe sex!

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  1. Roker #
    January 10, 2007

    well said michel the pickel…..well said

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