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Mike Dolan, blogger?

January 18, 2007


As I’ve often said, probably the most enjoyable aspect of this job is that I am constantly meeting great, interesting, talented, fun people. (OK, if and when I have an exit of Google proportions I will make that the second most enjoyable part of my job).

Most recent entry to this category is Mike Dolan, former CEO of Young & Rubicam and, until January 1, the CFO for this little media company in NYC called Viacom…

I was recently introduced to Mike, almost simultaneously, by two different friends, both of whom said he was a guy I had to meet. So I did, and now I know why they said that. We had a great chat, covering all kinds of things from friends we have in common to online games to books we have enjoyed recently to and, last but not least, to blogging.

As has become standard for him lately, I think I convinced him to start blogging (on WordPress, of course!).

Mike is off to New Zealand, so give it a few weeks, but I think we are going to see an interesting new voice in the blogosphere this winter. I’ll let you all know when and where it happens!

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