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“Shifting Media Sands”

January 18, 2007


This hulaballo over the transformation of the media business is becoming such a common refrain I suppose it is becoming trite.

But, even if the notion of the media business being transformed is trite, watching as the rubber meets the road, and trying to figure out where all this is heading and its real world implications, remains fascinating, and pretty damn important for anyone (like me) with a vested interest.

So, with no further apology, here is a link to a MediaPost article on the topic that I enjoyed.

Particularly interesting was the observation that while marketers are increasingly finding online campaigns to deliver better results than traditional campaigns, online players still generally capture only a fraction of the prices traditional media have captured. And, that part of the answer to narrowing this void is likely to be a more cost-effective market for media buys. Probably correct, but still lots of gold in them there hills, I think…

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