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Airlines Still Suck — And United is Top of the List

January 23, 2007


A while back I found myself frequently posting with bitches about airline delays.

I promised I would stop whining (at least on my blog), and kept to that promise.

In case you were wondering, though, airlines still do suck.

I had a godawful early flight to SF today. I left my house BEFORE 5 am to get to the airport. That is early even for me…

I get to the airport only to discover the bastards cancelled my flight.

Now, the annoyance of hauling me b___ out of bed so early only to find out my flight’s been cancelled was one thing.

But, far worse, is the fact that this meeting was actually important. I really needed to see someone face to face to discuss some stuff that is having a really big impact on his life. This is just not a phone conversation, and I know it really matters for this person for me to make the effort to see him in person.

Thanks to United, I won’t. And that really sucks.

I am going to bag all my United miles and start flying American whenever I can. Not that they are going to be better, but I will at least feel better about it.

I feel better already.

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