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Google + AdScape + Virtual World = ??

February 20, 2007


I’ve spent a fair bit of time over the last 18 months exploring both the in game advertising space (Massive, IGA, DoubleFusion, AdScape) and the virtual world/MMO space (my portfolio company Turbine Entertainment).

Evidently so has Google. They just acquired in game advertising firm AdScape.

And, reports are bubbling around out there that Google is working on creating a “virtual Google Earth.”

Pretty interesting stuff.  As I’ve posted before, there is a pretty clear trend line where online communities/expression and 3D avatars/virtual worlds seem to be colliding. Second Life is, I think, a harbinger of things to come. As with most emerging trends, it probably will take longer than most of us imagine, but I’ll put a stake in the ground to say this is one of the big opportunties over the next few years…


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  1. James #
    February 20, 2007

    No. Even better.

    Google wants to take advertising out of the physical world.

    Expect many cities and even states to enact Santa Barbara style billboard prohibitions and other measures once the progeny of Adsense make non-contextual advertising a silly relic from the past.

  2. lizaniashvily #
    January 2, 2010

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