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Freaky Friday

March 3, 2007


Made it back from NYC last night to that petri dish I call home. 4 out of 6 of us were sick.

But today was one of those days that got me going.

I literally, honest to goodness, met with three startups that were really, really interesting, genuinely fundable. Back to back to back. It was great.  It is amazing how meeting with really cool startups can really get your adrenaline going.  Gets me all fired up.

Then I glance at the Wall Street Journal only to see that two of the companies I just met had big writeups today. Seriously.

Then I spoke to Heavy CEO Simon, who had some really cool news (stay tuned).

After dinner and a little coloring with the kids, had a late night drink to with the CEO of a company who flew in to discuss a very, very exciting transaction he is pursuing with one of my portfolio companies.

I feel the need to write this down because I know it won’t be too long when I have one of those days where one of my companies is out of cash, another lost its CEO, and that deal I wanted to do got scooped by somebody else.  Hopefully I’ll feel better reading a post about a good day.

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