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So Where was the Babysitter?

March 10, 2007


Lucy and I popped in for our daily Starbucks at 6:30 this morning (no, Lucy doesn’t have a venti half-caff, she has a kids hot chocolate with whipped cream).

Saw the Starbucks girl whom I had hired to babysit. And….

Wouldn’t you know it, it was my fault! I had asked her to come at noon. My wife had told me to tell her the house would be unlocked and just come in, and left her instructions on the kitchen counter. Guess what I forgot to do? So poor Kathleen showed up at noon, rang the doorbell, waited, called my cell phone 4 times, waited some more, then left.

That’s why there was no babysitter.

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  1. liza #
    January 2, 2010

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