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Open Data Conference

March 13, 2007


Just made it into Seth Goldstein’s Open Data Conference.  A very interesting premise:

Open Data is to media what Open Source is to technology. It is an approach to content creation that explicitly recognizes the value of implicit user data. The Internet is the first medium to give a voice to the attention that people pay to it. Successful Open Data companies listen for and amplify the rich data that their audiences produce.”

Abdur Chowdry, formerly AOL’s data guy (ouch), is taking the non-podium. He raises 3 questions:

(1) Why are you opening up data? Because you think doing so will make someone’s experience better.

(2) How am I going to manage what happens after we open up the data?

(3) I was checking email and missed the 3d question.

Chris Law, one of the Tribe fdrs, now is up presenting his startup Aggregate Knowledge. Aggregate Knowledge takes the Amazon “if you liked this book you should like this” concept, and applies it across a network of ecommerce sites. I met Chris, and heard about AK at eTech last year. It is a good idea and a company I like.

Breaking for a board call now. More later.

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    January 2, 2010

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