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Providence, Newark, San Jose, Arenal

April 18, 2007


We departed Sunday, flying out of Providence (a much easier airport than Logan). Or at least trying to…The storm coming up the East Coast shut down most mid-Atlantic airports, leaving us stranded for several hours, and the subject of a Providence Channel 10 News segment!

But we eventually made it to the Costa Rica capital of San Jose, found our shuttle, and landed at our first stop: the Lost Iguana Resort in Arenal, home of a real-life, active volcano.

Monday morning we awoke to a spectacular view from our balcony of the massive Arenal Volcano, which, due to nearly constant lava flow and accretion, has grown several thousand feet in height over the last 40 years! Our first encounter with the area was a tour of the rainforest in the Volcano foothills, via suspended “hanging” bridges that allow you to traipse through the forest at treetop level.

Then we got a huge dose of adrenaline, “zip lining” across cables, at speeds reaching 50 mph and across spans as far as a half mile. The kids loved it, though personally I have to admit in my old age I was as terrified as I was thrilled.

And to cap off our spectacular first day, we were treated to a series of eruptions, complete with smoke spewing out of the volcano top and lava flowing down the sides.

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