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Belated Conference Recap

May 4, 2007


Hoo-boy, has been an incredibly hectic, travel-filled week back from vacation. I am not sure which was worse, the pile of emails and voicemails (I’ve more or less made it through my email but have 190 voicemails still to go), or the special little visit I had last week from Mr. Montezuma! Suffice it to say that neither were enjoyable.

Which explains why I am nearly a week late for my blog post recapping ContentNext’s “Economics of Social Media” Conference.

For a conference, there actually was some decent content. And, more importantly, the crowd was superb. A great mix of LA, New York and the less parochial Silicon Valley types.

I had dinner with a great group Thursday night after the conference, which included:

Ashley Maddox (free agent, formerly of Bertelsmann fame)
Briggs Ferguson (just departed CitySearch CEO)
Dan Donahue (ICM talent)
Dave Goldberg (formerly chief of Yahoo Music, now at Benchmark);
Esther Dyson
George Kliavkoff (NBC Digital Chief)
Gordon Gould (ThisNext)
Herb Scannell (Next New Networks)
Jarl Mohn (Old and New Media Mogul)
John Caplan (Ford Models)
Jordan Posell (ContentNext)
Sarah Harden (Fox)
Jack Kennedy (Fox)
Shawn Gold (CMO, MySpace)
Simon Assaad (Heavy)
Kevin Delaney (WSJ)
Vivian Schiller (NYT)
Alan Patricof (Greycroft Partners)
Abbey Claasen (AdAge)

Sadly, I had to make do with chicken broth, but everyone else’s meal sure looked awesome.


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