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May 4, 2007


After an awesome dinner at Sushi Sam’s in Burlingame with another old college pal, David Eun now of Google fame, the two of us hopped on the redeye to NYC. While Eunner went home, I went to shower, nap and do email at the absolutely horrendous Times Hotel; neither their Internet access, phone service nor air conditioning worked.

This was more than made up for, though, by the two very cool companies I met with later in the day.  Both are essentially “content” companies.  One is a radically different model for content creation and distribution; the other is more of an adaptation of the old media studio for the new platforms.  Both are led by fantastic founding teams, and are really interesting opportunities.

Taking no chances with shuttle cancellations, I hopped on the Acela train back to Boston, heading home to catch my son Oliver’s little league game. [Postscript: the score was 27-22. Both teams claim they won. You get the picture]

All in all a hectic week. Today is recovery day.
The good news is that I saw a bunch of really interesting companies; the bad news is that I somehow need to find time to do the followup work to figure out which might be investable.

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