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Travellin’ Man

May 4, 2007


Threw the backpack on Tuesday morning and hit the road this week.

Early flight out to SF on Tuesday, lunch with my pals Chamath Palihapitiya and Dave “Goldie” Goldberg. Goldie, a great friend going all the way back to college, just left Yahoo! to join Benchmark. I’m hoping to find some deals to work on together with him. If you are cooking a great digital media venture, let us know!

I then camped out at University Café in downtown Palo Alto – my Silicon Valley office — to hear 3 consecutive pitches. Two and a half of them were interesting.

Followed by a fun dinner with Allen Morgan, my fellow board member at BlackArrow.

Wednesday I stopped by the fancy schmancy new offices of the ubiquitous angel Jeff Clavier, then headed up to the city where I saw two pitches, was, literally, subjected to the pet dog “VC sniff test” (they tell me I passed), visited with Daniel James of Three Rings, one of the smarter guys you’ll find around the games space, and had margaritas with Matt and Toni from Automattic.

As always, a number of exciting developments cooking over at WordPress.  These guys have resisted a number of the quick and obvious paths one might take to monetize a blog platform (and which your typical VC, myself included, would push them toward!). Matt and Toni’s patient and deliberate approach is leading them toward some pretty compelling approaches to building revenue around social media products and services. The clay certainly needs more molding, but I am pretty convinced that some great business opportunities are taking shape here.

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