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Video Sites as Platforms

May 26, 2007


The Facebook platform announcement has me thinking whether video sites can become platforms?

Does the fact that YouTube’s traffic makes it the place people want to put their video make it a “platform” or just a distribution channel? My two cents worth is this is a distribution channel, not a platform.
What will be more interesting, I think, is when 3d party developers start to build apps/services built on top of video and video sharing sites. is one example I saw recently.  My guess is there will be lots more, and this is where the future of online video will get interesting.


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  1. May 27, 2007

    Of course Brightcove is more overtly a video platform business, even though it is also building a destination. A more sneaky one I noticed just yesterday is the My Channels feature on Veoh, which allows you to customize with your own logo, set up an RSS feed, for videos that you upload or one’s you pick out from Veoh’s network. Gotta love what’s happening to video on the web.

  2. galina #
    January 2, 2010

    Классные мультфильмы на Кинозоуне.

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