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Clearspring / NBC

June 6, 2007


For those of you who’ve been reading this blog since last fall, you’ll know that I’ve been watching the widget space, and the widget company Clearspring, for a while now.  I pretty much joined the Widget hype bandwagon at the end of ’06, right when it started to pick up steam.  Yes, I was attracted by sizzle more than steak, since there really wasn’t any meat there yet.
From what I am hearing and seeing, I think the widget models are going to start becoming more clear during the second half of ’07. The first half of this year has been about experimentation, which I’ve seen both across the industry and across my own portfolio.  The short answer is that widgets work and often are an important means of distribution.  Expect to see some pretty serious deployments in the back half of this year.

One of those will be NBC, which just announced a widget platform it is launching with Clearspring. Read/Write Web has a good overview, as does Clearspring founder Hooman Radfar.

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