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Why Do VCs Blog?

October 3, 2007


Scott Kirsner wrote a piece in the Boston Globe discussing why some VCs blog and highlighting what he sees as an emerging divide between VC firms that blog and those that don’t.

I had to chuckle at Kirsner’s description : “The typical old school, non-blogging VC firm has an office at the Bay Colony Corporate Center in Waltham, a phalanx of assistants, polished wood conference room tables, and an endless supply of bottled water.” Sounds an awful lot like Polaris’s office (though I am usually not actually there)!

Kirsner also quotes Boston VCs Woody Benson who disapproves VC blogs because they expose a firm’s intellectual property, and Charley-being-Charley Lax who thoughtfully explains that blogging is “stupid.”

Noted VC blogger Fred Wilson joined the fray, explaining that, for him, blogging not only brings “incremental deal flow, but it also filters the deal flow and makes it more targeted and more relevant. Its also a great way to bring needed attention to the companies we invest in.”

Kirsner evidently didn’t care much for my opinion on the subject, but since he and Wilson both missed a couple real reasons I’ll chime in.

First, blogging is a great way to understand the medium. Independent of whether the existence and substance of my blog has any impact on my VC business, the act of blogging has brought me a much better appreciation of what the whole blogging/social media/web 2.0 thing is all about. To be honest, the reason I started blogging is because WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg wanted me to blog if he was going to work with me as a venture backer; the reason why I’ve kept blogging is, at least in part, that I feel it has helped me as an investor in Automattic and social media more generally.

Second, I like to write, and in particular to write about stuff I read. In the old days as a law clerk I did more of both than I could ever ask for, but as a VC I missed it. OK, so I am a dork, but it is fun.

Third, let’s be honest, bloggers are vain and like attention. So PLEASE KEEP READING MY BLOG!


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  1. October 3, 2007


    My neighborhood at Vox has been discussing commenting (and how it can reinforce that “people read my stuff” high) in a few posts I thought you’d be interested in:

    The blog is great, keep up the good work.

  2. October 4, 2007

    Jeff–I enjoyed the posts. And, above all, thanks for commenting!

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    January 2, 2010

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