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NYC Ad Dinner

November 12, 2007


Last week I hosted a dinner in NYC with a great group of folks to discuss the future of online advertising. I had meant to get some video interviews but forgot my trusty little flip camera. So you’ll have to settle for this blog post a week later.

We had the dinner at the Red Eye Grill (which was fitting as I was coming in off the redeye from SF!), which has a terrific room for private parties upstairs — complete with its own bar, a little sitting area with a fireplace, etc.

Thanks in part to the fact that lots of folks were in town for AdTech, we had a fantastic group assembled: David Rosenblatt (Doubleclick), David Payne (, Larry Kramer (Polaris; CBS), Peter Horan (IAC Media), Pam Horan (Online Publishers Assn), Simon Assaad, David Carson, Eric Hadley (Heavy), Dean Denhart (BlackArrow), Ranaan Bar-Cohen (Automattic), Jeremy Shane (HealthCentral), Matt Cutler and Scott Velechko (Visible Measures), James Bilefield and Scott Switzer from OpenAds. And from Polaris, myself, Peter Flint, Alan Spoon, and Jason Trevisan.
Somewhat spontaneously, I made both Visible Measures and OpenAds pitch their company to the group.  So, we ended up having a fascinating conversation about video advertising and how to measure its efficacy, and the future of ad networks, the implications of the Goog-click deal, and advertising in the long tail generally.

All in all a terrific evening. Hoping to do another similar dinner soon in SF — I think we’ll make the theme “Madison Avenue meets Silicon Valley.”

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    January 2, 2010

    Классные мультфильмы на Кинозоуне.

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