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Hangin’ Out with Facebookers

January 16, 2008


Am here at Vinny T’s carboloading with a dozen Wellesley High students, hearing what they do/don’t do and like/don’t like with Facebook.

For starters, they tell me MySpace got sketchy, and Facebook isn’t.

JetMan is the hot app.

But the crushing wave of new facebook apps is becoming a nuisance. All those damn invites are a hassle and clutter things up. And, one thing that is really annoying is the app that requires you to send out lots of invites.

Facebook or not, messaging and music are still the killer apps.

Email is for fogeys. Kids use email for communicating with parents, school, etc.

And here is a new one for me: voicemail is passe. If you can’t reach ’em live then you text or IM them.

But, kids still eat chocolate cake. And so do I. Back to the South Beach diet tomorrow.

I’ll close with my favorite quote from the night: “It would be really cool if I could live in a castle online.” Yeah, and it would be cool if I could live in a castly offline.

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