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The Social Graph Overtakes the Widget

February 8, 2008


Last year many of us declared 2007 the year of the widget. And  I think it was.

But is the widget already a thing of the past? An entrepreneur I met yesterday told me “widgets are SO 2007!” And I think she is right.  The point is that with the emergence of the social graph, content is not just following us where we go on the web, but it is also intermingled with (and influenced by) all kinds of social attributes, connections, features, etc.

2008 is the year of the Social Graph.  Whereas the widget revolution changed the way content is distributed on the web, the social graph is changing the nature of web content and web apps themselves.

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  1. February 9, 2008

    Hi VCMike.

    Long-time fan Max Kalehoff here. I’m “relatively” fluent in the Web, but I’m still trying to decipher what the heck widgets and social-graphs really are. I can Google both and come back with fifty different definitions for each.

    We have applications that connect to the Web, then we have the idea of people have many connections with others, directly and indirectly — do we need to make it more complicated. We’re getting so hyped up in the hype. I’d say 2007 was really the year of jargon.

    I think we’re in the year (or entering the drawn out phase of)…how the heck do we start to make sense out of the exploding digital trail of social interactions and media impressions. Once we acknowledge that, we’ll be ready to enter the age of simplicity — and that’s what will being to drive technology and service innovation.

    – Max

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