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Facebook Mania!

February 21, 2008


In the middle of what otherwise is a family ski vacation in the Tahoe region, yesterday I popped down to San Francisco for a couple meetings I had to do.

As usual, I crammed as much into a 24 hour visit as humanly possible.

Sitting on the runway en route back to ski country, what strikes me is how obsessed Silicon Valley is right now with all things Facebook (including VCs like me).  Seems to be top of everyone’s mind, and the thing folks are dabbling with on the side that turns into something they decide to purse in earnest.

My roster of meetings yesterday certainly was not inconsistent with this. After catching up with Josh Felser, and then seeing one of the cooler video companies I’ve ever seen, my afternoon  ended up being all Facebook:

First, coffee with my pal Chamath P from — where else? — Facebook.

Then I  met Josh Liptzin, one of the star students from Dave McClure’s Facebook Apps class at Stanford.  I loved the fact that Josh originally got a B but then, when he launched an app that, after the class ended, skyrocketed, his B was switched to an A!

I also met another young Facebook app entrepreneur who has developed a cool model of enabling the long tail of FB developers to create their own version of his apps.  My  favorite exchange from this meeting was when he apologized for  having stats that were outdated — they were an entire week old!

Finally, I  spent some time with Justin Smith, who both writes the blog InsideFacebook and runs product for Watercooler. A really smart guy whose nose is deep into all things Facebook.

Clearly the Facebook thing has taken on a life of its own in Silicon Valley with its own lingo, its own subculture and, most strikingly, its own sense of time.  All this is going to have an impact as web apps and web content go social.  I’m looking forward to watching it all unfold, real time!

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