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Blogosphere Still Alive and Kicking

March 7, 2008


There has been a bunch of rumblings about recent Technorati stats showing that the blogosphere is actually on the decline.

Matt recently posted a February wrap up report for  WordPress which makes clear to me at least that we are still on the upswing, even if there is a transition away from some early blogs which have faded to more recent blogs that are capturing real audience. Here is Matt’s summary:

  • 245,329 blogs were created.
  • 432,478 new users joined.
  • 1,920,593 file uploads.
  • 2,814,893 posts and 996 thousand new pages.
  • 3,813,432 logins.
  • 540,799,534 pageviews on, and another 304,499,648 on self-hosted blogs. (845,299,182 pageviews total across blogs we know about.)
  • 726,789 active blogs in February, where “active” means they got a human visitor.

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  1. September 26, 2009

    Personally, I, too find the blogosphere thriving. Thank God!!! Also, I can answer your questions at Ask A Former Crackhead. So, go ahead. Ask me a question.

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