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Meet the Boston Bruiser

April 9, 2008


Fred Wilson has “the Gotham Gal” (his wife), and I’ve got “the Boston Bruiser.”

The Bruiser, born and raised in California, picked up ice hockey a few years after we moved to Boston, and has taken to it with a vengeance. She now captains a team known as Women on Edge (I preferred their old name, “Chicks with Sticks” but that got voted down last year).

Last weekend we watched the WOE team play in a season finale tournament, which included an opening game against a team from Concord, MA.  My brother lives in Concord, and one of his friends’ wife played on the opposing team.  My brother, this friend, and I watched the game together, and all had a good laugh when our wives had a collision against the boards. I laughed a little harder than he, since his wife went down to the ice while the Boston Bruiser scooped up the puck and zipped down the ice.

I just learned that he is no longer so amused, since his wife actually broke her finger in the fall, leaving him to do the dinner dishes.

Hence the name “Boston Bruiser.”

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  1. Roker #
    April 9, 2008

    I heard lawyers have been hired. The pinky finger apparently is a particularly painful break. I am sensing pain and suffering will be the main claim. As well as the humiliation of being taken out by a beast from southern california.

    You are scre##d. Could be in the millions.

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