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May 1, 2008


On tuesday I attended paidContent’s Economics of Social Media Conference at the fantastic Skirball Center in Los Angeles.

The Conference was, overall, quite well done and well attended, although if I had to offer one critique I would echo what I hear many people saying; namely, that nobody really did a very good job articulating just what the economics of social media really are.  In fairness, this is less a reflection on the conference, I think, than it is a reflection on where the social media sector is in its stage of development.  I can’t help but feel that social media right now is where search was before AdSense: nobody has yet developed the long term monetization model, but it is going to happen and when it does social media will generate a helluva lot of monetization.

I spoke on a “Deals” panel, which paidContent summarized here.  While generally I am a skeptic of panels I found this one pretty fun. Geoff Yang of Redpoint was, I thought, an especially good panelist.

PS: The Skirball Center is a fantastic venue. If you are planning an event in LA you should consider using it — I know I will!

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