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What You Need to Know if You Missed EconSM (and/or Are Going to NYC)

May 1, 2008


I forgot to mention the most valuable piece of information I picked up at the EconSM Conference.

No it wasn’t how to monetize social media.

It was what to do in NYC.  Seth Goldstein, CEO of Social Media, mentioned on a panel that he had sent one of his employees a long email on what he should do during his upcoming visit to NYC.  Seth knows how to live the good life, so I followed up with him afterwards and he agreed to share his NYC must-see list with VCMike:

hotels: (smack dab in meat packing district) (great young vibe lower east side) (too close to midtown for me, but also nice)

restaurants: (for pastrami sandwich any time) (for breakfast) (for pizza slice anytime) (best steak in country, need reservation) (best burger)
sit down pizza up by columbia, great cafe to read and have coffee and desert next door called the hugarian pastry shop) (great late night sake bar)

walk through central park (best bookstore in ny)

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