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Making UGC Work

June 3, 2008


I find myself spending more and more time these days with entrepreneurs who are, in one way or another, working on bringing value to user generate content.  It is a fun and super interesting area.

Clearly, more and more time and engagement on the web is around various forms of user generated content, be it video, blogs, social networks, wikipedia-like sites, chat boards and bulletin boards.

But little has been done to make sense of all this in order to make successful businesses.  How can advertisers get comfortable with UGC?  How can we leverage all the information latent in social networks to make advertising more targetted and effective?  How can the cacophony of community discussion be given structure?  How can we make it easier for more of the audience to join the conversation and become creators?

These and similar questions still remain to be answered.  But I’d wager that, with the amount of entrepreneurial effort going into various iterations of these problems, this is going to change.  In the next few years we are going to see alot of value created in and around community-based content.

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