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Monetizing Video on YouTube

June 12, 2008


AdAge ran a post a few days ago about YouTube’s new model of inviting professional video programmers themselves to sell advertising on the video they post to YouTube channels.

Seems like a logical step for YouTube, which has notoriously struggled to monetize their site.

However, it doesn’t address what I think is the biggest challenge here, which is monetizing long tail video. One of the conundrums for the online video space is that the vast majority of the traffic is going to the long tail, non-professional video, which advertisers shy away from. So, allowing professional video programmers to sell advertising against YouTube channels that generate little traffic doesn’t actually seem nearly as important as figuring out how to monetize the long-tail video that is getting lots of traffic.

This is one of the goals of my portfolio company Husky Media, which recently spun out of, and offers the long tail a platform for monetizing their video.

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