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Structured Content

July 2, 2008


The user generated content (UGC) revolution is in full swing. And, I am a big believer.

As the wave builds, though, a few basic problems are being exposed.

How do you make UGC searchable and discoverable?

How do you make the UGC cacophony consumable and intelligible?

And how do you make it monetizable?

The answer to all 3 lies, I believe, in structure. And, more and more I am seeing smart folks aiming to bring structure to UGC ab initio. I think they are spot on.


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  1. July 2, 2008

    I also think it depends on “value”. You and I can create content all day long, however no one will pay for it unless it offers value.

    And the implication there is that the content/comment has to solve my problem to offer me value.

    And then how do I/You collect that value?

    Newspapers do it/did it – but no one pays to subscribe to a blog unless it has something really incredible to offer (inside information).



  2. July 2, 2008

    IMO filtering and remixing is the answer. my favorite example:

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