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Reducing the Noise in Conversational Media

July 16, 2008


This is a theme I hear more and more frequently these days.  As more and more of us enter the conversation, in more and more places and times, it is hard to avoid the signal-to-noise ration getting all out of whack, which, I’d argue, is happening on the web right now. Hence the growing interest in reducing the noise.

One approach is to inject context into a particular post/comment/tweet/message at the time of creation, as Louis Gray today posts.

A second approach is to inject structure into the dynamic so that what occur “in the wild” as one-off posts/comments/tweets/messages can end up as part of a larger, organized body of content.  I am seeing a number of folks both within and outside my portfolio working on this, and think — hope! — that it is promising.

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