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Facebook in Real Life

July 30, 2008


I was at Facebook this afternoon, meeting with a couple folks in the biz dev group.

Tonight, I had dinner in SF with an old high school pal, Dave Scially.

What’s the link?

Although Dave was actually a pretty close friend in high school, for whatever reason we completely lost touch after graduation, and I had neither seen nor spoken to him since June 1984. Then, a couple months ago, Dave is at a Yankees’ game and one of his friends takes a picture of him jawing at Derek Jeter, and tells DAve he’ll put ithe photo up on Facebook later in the night.  Dave gets on Facebook that night, for the first time. Sees that I am on Facebook too, sends me a message, and, here we are a couple months later getting back together after having had no contact whatsoever for 24 years.

Dave is still the great guy he was back in school, and it was terrific to see him.

So, yes, I can honestly say that Facebook has added tangible value to my life.

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  1. August 1, 2008

    mike – i tend to lean towards alsops opinion

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