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Visiting the World’s First Core Performance Center

July 31, 2008


In Los Angeles for SpaceCamp (which is tonight and tomorrow), today I got a sneak peak at our portfolio company Athletes’ Peformance first “Core Performance Center,” which is getting ready to open to the public soon.

AP, and its founder Mark Verstegen, has for some time been the leader in training the world’s super-elite athletes, the likes of Curt Schilling, Manny Ramirez (boo!), Mia Hamm, etc. etc.

We invested in AP a couple years ago, and Polaris EIR Bill Allard joined AP as CEO. One of their exciting initiatives is to take their highly acclaimed approach to athletic training and making it accessible and available to driven, motivated types who aren’t elite athletes, but for whom fitness and athletic activity are a fairly serious priority. To do this, AP has developed a retail version of its program, equipment and training, called the “Core Performance Center.”

The first CPC is in Santa Monica, and is currently in beta mode. I visited today, and got tested and run through the paces by my expert trainer Sarah. Pics coming soon.  Sarah went easy on me and managed to look past my sagging belly and aging joints, so I actually left feeling pretty encouraged. So much for fatblogging, I am going to try working out…

The facility, staff and whole program were really, really impressive. I can’t wait for the center to open to the public, and, even more so, for a center to open near me.

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