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“The Lazy Web”

August 2, 2008


AVC has a good post this morning on “The Lazy Web.”

“The idea is instead of doing a lot of work researching/googling, you just ping/spam your social net with a question and get them to do the work for you.”

Last night I had a conversation with the last few stragglers at FaceCamp on exactly the same topic.  And last week I had two such conversations.

I think this is one area where the social web is going to make a real contribution.  Somebody should be investing here…


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  1. T. Ruth Teller #
    August 2, 2008

    Is this the kind of troll that the New York Times was just writing about?

    The tip-offs were the peerlessly lazy post on the topic of 2.0-wannaba “laziness,” and the self-proclaimed VC saying “Somebody should be investing here.” Haha. Good one. You and AVC should invest in each other.

  2. Greg Fatbert #
    July 28, 2013

    I a

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