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Wordcamp 2008

August 17, 2008


Matt mullenweg and crew just wrapped up Wordcamp 2008, the annual user and developer conference which also has several dozen community driven sister events around the world.

This is one of my favorite events as it is a great opportunity for an investor/board member type like me to get a good sense of the community around our company’s product — while Matt and Toni give us updates on the community (which they consider a critical consituency and source of strategic value), that just is not the same as meeting community members themselves and hearing what is on their mind.

Regrettably I had to miss Wordcamp this year as I was on a vaca with my family on a remote lake in Maine. However, last night we rolled into Hanover, NH, to drop our daughter off at soccer camp, and as I am reconnecting via my iPhone (after a week blissfully unplugged), I am happy to see that there is lots of good coverage of the event which from a distance seems to have been a success.

From a TechCruncc post, I picked up some stats Matt shard to illustrate the fantastic growth WordPress has seen: monthly pageviews up from just over a billion to 6.5 billion, 32million new blog posts, and an audience that, according to Comscore figures for unique monthly visitors, is now 6 times that of nearest competitor Typepad.

It certainly has been a good year for WordPress, and while the challenges are tougher than ever, the opportunities are also greater than ever, and we are banking on the next year being even stronger.

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