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Start Your Most Audacious Venture Now

October 2, 2008


There have been a number of posts over the last couple of days giving advice to entrepreneurs on how to survive the financial meltdown.

One of the better such posts is written by Bernard Lunn at ReadWriteWeb. And my favorite quote from his post:

Start your most audacious venture now. This is counter intuitive but real. No VC will back a small plan. They never have in the past and won’t now. When the world changes in big and fundamental ways, big and fundamental opportunities arise. Ten years from now it will be obvious what those fundamental changes are. Great entrepreneurs spot one of those trends before it is obvious. The beauty of a big and audacious plan is the next few years won’t matter to you. Build in tough times, launch when the worst is over, exit when it is boom time again.

I agree — now is the perfect time to be just starting a big and audacious plan. Call me if you’ve got one!

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