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iPhone for Email

October 8, 2008


I finally persuaded my office IT guy to let me connect my iPhone to our office Exchange Server so I will now get emails on my iPhone.

Hoo-boy, this is exciting!

Though, I hear mixed things about email on the iPhone.

Any feedback?


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  1. October 9, 2008

    The iPhone works pretty darn well with enterprise class Exchange with two caveats. First, typing on the iPhone remains a complete nightmare. So if you are a mobile-email addict like I am, it will not be able to replace a Treo or Blackberry. Second, the iPhone is nor particularly well suited to having thousands of contacts. So it slows the system WAY down when you are doing things like trying to make a phone call from a contact. There is a good half second or second delay while waiting for the contact. That is a pain but better than it used to be (before a recent software fix, it was more like a couple or three seconds). Putting those issues aside, it is a great browser, the app platform is great, and it is nice to have my music with me on long plane rides. Enjoy.

  2. dealsbennett #
    October 11, 2008

    I adopted the iPhone just after it was released in July 2007…loved the interface and integration of iPod, phone, web…but I could not be productive due to the lack of email integration. I struggled with it for several months but returned to the land of Blackberry which was really disappointing becuase I really loved everything else about the iPhone. I could not go back to living with multiple devices though…carrying a Palm, Cell Phone and Email Pager…I would not do it. I just recently started using the iPhone again with the Exchange integration. It is 1000 percent better and with the 3G version much faster. We are not at 1:1 parity with Blackberry yet, however, the advancements allow me to be productive. As evidenced by the last 15 months of advancements….it will only get better. I am just starting to explore the exciting opportunities in the Apps directory which will only further embolden my choice of the iPhone. Its all about productivity and makes good on the promise of integarating all these technologies seamlessley. My IT guy was not too supportive of all this…but the intuitive Apple interfaces really allow most of us to get this to work on our own. Hats off to Apple!

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