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Plinky Launches!

January 24, 2009


About 7 or 8 months ago we seeded web entrepreur Jason Shellen to pursue a pretty intriguing project that he had been noodling on with my colleague Sim Simeonov. On Thursday of this week, Plinky was officially launched.

In there own words, “Plinky is a service that makes it easy to create inspired content on the web.” The company is based on the insight Jason had from his days at Blogger (and which I immediately related to based on my experience as an investor in Automattic/Wordpress) that the number of truly active bloggers is much smaller than the number of people out there who are very interested in joining social media conversations but quickly run out of ideas to write about. Plinky makes it a snap for these people to become social authors and join the conversation.

It is very early to say where Plinky is likely to end up several years from now. But Jason is a terrific, proven entrepreneur, and I think he is focusing on a very fertile area.

Go check Plinky out!

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