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My Kind of Thank You!

February 2, 2009


Last week we hosted all of our digital portfolio CEOs and about 25 industry stars for our 3d annual Digital Media Summit. In addition to a little skiing, we had some great roundtable discussion on the topic of monetizing social media.

We put a fair bit of effort into convening sessions like this to help our portfolio companies exchange strategies, tactics and best practices with each other and other leaders in the biz; it was really gratifying to hear that they found it as productive as we had hoped. Here is one great email we just received from one of our CEOs who participated:

Team Polaris (not the snowmobile team),

Thank you very much for putting together an amazing event this past week.  While I had some trepidation about being offline for a couple of days, the outcome from Jackson could not have been better for our company.  I met amazingly smart and generous people who gave me their time and shared their brain power to help solve our biggest challenges.  I would like to think that [company name] is further along today than we were on Sunday when I arrived.  The gathering produced several  partnership connections and of course many promised introductions.
This event seems to have drawn the very best of the industry, not just in what everyone has accomplished, but good people with a genuine desire to help others.

It was also great that portfolio companies had time to connect and share ways we may be able to support each other as part of the Polaris family.  Often times as startups we have our heads down and especially in this economic climate, face many struggles daily.  Being able to share and hear that other folks, even large established entities, are also trying to solve the same types of problems makes me realize that when we crack the code, we are well on our way to success.

The location for the event was inspiring.  I am sure I speak for other CEOs/Founders.  We are constantly on the road and as a policy save costs any chance possible.  That means overnight flights, cheap  hotels, and food as sustenance.   Having some guiltless fun on the
slopes (while bonding with folks) and feeling pampered for a couple of days was refreshing.  Most importantly the experience reminded me why I founded [company name] and why we are all working our asses off.  I not only want to change the world, but make money so we can all enjoy the ride after.

A big Mahalo to the Polaris team for your continued support, wisdom, and faith in what we do everyday.


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  1. February 2, 2009

    here here! it was a great and informative few days. Thanks to Polaris for putting up with us industry types too 🙂

  2. Duncan #
    February 2, 2009

    I concur completely!

    Thanks again Mike and the team for organizing an incredibly useful and worthwhile few days of idea sharing, discussions and of course great powder.

    Yet again a fantastically useful event.

  3. February 3, 2009

    is there any photos from the event?

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