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Using WordTwit

February 20, 2009


Since becoming a Twitterer, I ‘ve been looking for a simple way to automagically send a Tweet everytime I enter a blog post.

Automattic’s VP of lotsa stuff Raanan Bar-Cohen has come to the rescue. He got me set up as a “VIP” account on WordPress — which means I can stay on the hosted platform but also tap into the rich pool of WordPress plug-ins. And then he got me set up with WordTwit, which, I am told, will send out a tweet whenever I blog. This will be my first WordTwitted post, let’s see if it works…


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  1. February 21, 2009

    VCMike! That’s a great idea assuming that your followers are on when you do it (or those twitter-only users)! I read you (faithfully) because I use a feed. Best wishes, jws

  2. February 22, 2009

    i use for that. i add my facebook, tweeter, and my blog. anything i post to my blog goes to my facebook, and tweeter via friendfeed.

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