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The Billion Dollar Question

May 28, 2009


Fred Wilson has a typically intelligent post on the ‘social media stack.’

Most interesting to me was his concluding observation that “As the primary social media channels (including blogs and blog comments) become fully open platforms, I believe we are going to see a host of interesting (and valuable) services get built.”

I couldn’t agree more. But, as I asked in my comment to Fred’s post, are the most valuable services going to be offered by the platform companies or 3d party app companies? My hunch is that the answer is both.  The challenge for the platform companies –whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Automattic (yes, I had to throw them in) — is figuring out, before getting it wrong too many times, how to best strike the balance between encouraging a thriving ecosystem on the one hand, and claiming some fair share of the value creation (ie, PROFITS) on the other hand.

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