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Hangin’ with Angus

July 15, 2009


Today I had the chance to spend about an hour catching up with Angus Davis. Angus interned at Netscape after his senior year of high school, and was so into it that he blew off college to be a young star at Netscape. He went on to co-found TellMe, which he sold to MSFT. Angus left MSFT a couple months ago to return to his home state of Rhode Island.

What was especially fun about my visit with Angus is that we hadn’t spoken in about 12 years but shared a fascinating experience back in 1997.  While at Netscape Angus was sent to Washington DC to help educate Senate staffers on the Microsoft-Netscape browser wars. You may recall that the Senate held a series of investigations on the topic. I was in charge of those hearings, and met Angus in that context.

Angus shared with me a great anecdote: at the time, he didn’t own a suit. Being about the same size as his dad, he had is dad fedex a suit to his DC hotel room, and then wore that same suit during the several days of his DC meetings. Dark suit, dark rooms, nobody notice.

How times have changed. Angus is now the super successful entrepreneur who I am sure has a closet full of Armani suits!  And, I am happy to report, I am the guy who doesn’t own a suit (I do own a Brooks Brothers blazer which I wear exactly once a year to our annual meeting…)

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  1. July 15, 2009

    Fun post. I wasn’t even there and I was feeling a bit nostalgic 🙂

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